Dennis Kam

D-Bop (Sonata No. 2a)

2010   |   c. 10 ¼ min

For piano

D-Bop (Sonata No. 2a) for piano (2010)

For many years now, I have been interested in creating works that are relatives of each other – works that share ‘family resemblances’ or are versions of each other. D-Bop: Sonata 2a – composed for Mia Vassilev, who premiered the work in April, 2011 – is a one-movement statement that uses and expands on the opening material from the opening song, “The Lovely Octave” in my Opera 101 (Opera ‘Spoofa’) composed in 2009. All materials in the work are in sections that progress in an organized formal scheme.


Premiere: April, 2011, Mia Vassilev

Dennis Kam