Dennis Kam

Now...Dashes of Prelude No. 4

2008 ; Rev.:  2011-06-01   |   c. 6 ½ min

(Rendevous IV)

For 2 pianos.

Now...with Dashes of Prelude IV (Rendezvous IV) (2008)

Now ...With Dashes of Prelude No. 4 (Rendezvous IV) (2008/2011) is one of several works of mine that have explored different modes of interaction between performers. Like the first (Rendezvous I) composed in 1966 – for two pianos, it has a dramatic character and bold gestures but utilizes different musical material due to the large number of years separating them. Where Rendezvous I represents material from my past commitment to non-tonal composition, Now. . . With Dashes of Prelude No. 4 represents my fascination with new tonal possibilities and temporal maneuverings (playing with and in time). Material is largely inspired by – and a purposeful reference to – my own Prelude No. 4, which was composed in less than an hour during my “Escape to Create’ residency at Seaside, Florida in 1998. This short piece was a final addition to four others that were composed in 1988. I am still struck by, and proud of, its simplicity and charm... and wanted to reference it in a different context.


Dennis Kam