Dennis Kam


Urtext-Edition of Dennis Kam's Solo Piano Works Available

October 3rd 2020

The composer Peter James Learn, currently teaching at the University of Miami's Frost School of Music, invested a lot of time, skills and love into the creation of the first Urtext Edition of the Collected Works for Solo Piano by Dennis Kam. Have a look at the sample pages provided below!

This Urtext Edition did not only carefully typeset all the piano scores, but also checked for potential uncertainties (like diffuse notation, date related informations et al.), which all receive their respective remarks directly within the score. More than 20 compositions on over 130 pages depict impressively the stylistic spectrum of Dennis Kam's musical language throughout his compositional career.

You can purchase a copy on Peter James Learn's webshop. By buying a score you support the South Florida Youth Symphony, which Dennis Kam supported and conducted. They established a Dennis Kam Scholarship in 2019.

Preview of "Dennis Kam - Collected Works for Piano Solo - Preview"
Dennis Kam