Dennis Kam

Sonata (Ibis)

2004   |   c. 12 min

For clarinet, violin, cello, and piano.

Sonata (Ibis) for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2002/2005)

Sonata (Ibis) is one of several versions of the same basic work. Commissioned by pianist Amy Tarantino, this one movement work was originally conceived and completed for solo piano in 2002. Consistent with my interest in creating multiple-version works, it also became a work for piano and string quartet (2003). Additional requests encouraged a version for clarinet and piano (2004) and a trio version for clarinet, cello, and piano (2004). This current quartet version (2005) with the added violin commemorates the formation of the Ibis Camerata.

While instrumentation is a clear and obvious difference between versions – the character, temporal flow, and energy of each version also change significantly with the addition or subtraction of instruments, giving each version a different personality. Where the solo version, which has ironically not received its premiere yet, is the leanest and temporally spacious, Sonata (Ibis) is probably the most involved texturally and dramatic.


Dennis Kam