Dennis Kam

Sonata No. 2c

2011   |   c. 10 min

For 2 pianos

For many years now, I have been interested in creating works that are relatives of each other – works that share ‘family resemblances’ or are versions of each other. Sonata 2c (2011) is a work resulting from D-Bop: Sonata 2a (2010) and Sonata 2b (2011) – two independent but related piano works – played simultaneously. D-Bop: Sonata 2a – composed for Mia Vassilev, who premiered the work in April, 2011 – itself is a one- movement statement that uses and expands on the opening material from the opening song, “The Lovely Octave” in my Opera 101 (Opera ‘Spoofa’) composed in 2009. Sonata 2b (2011), composed for Liana Pailodze, has the same but varied material of Sonata 2a and receives its premiere as a part of Sonata 2c. All materials in each solo work are in sections that progress in purposely-organized but different formal schemes Thus, the simultaneous occurrence of these two different and superimposed schemes is intended to create more complex and varied representations of musical materials.


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Dennis Kam