Dennis Kam

Opera 101

2009   |   c. 11 min

Opera 'spoofa' in one act.

For baritone, mezzo-soprano, soprano, tenor, flute, vibraphone, piano, 2 violins, viola and violoncello.

Opera 101 (Opera Spoofa) (2009)

Opera 101 is comprised of lighthearted and simple abstractions of operatic rituals and gestures. I intend it to be a happy jaunt (postmodern romp, if you wish) to the operati genre, running the gamut from the silly to the serious (sentimentality or sublimity, if so perceived). With no storyline in mind, I decided to create the 'libretto' myself. It was partly conceived during the composing of the music ­– essentially evolving and integrating with musical elements: nothing profound – just fun.

Cast of Characters:

Octavio, Baritone
Questa, Mezzo-Soprano
Arietta, Soprano
Ariatur, Tenor


On stage off to a side … only Arietta (not in the spotlight) sitting.

Octavio walks on stage 'listening' to the music. He sings, respects, and adores the octave (The Lovely Octave).

Queta wanders onto stage puzzled and seeking answers (Where am I?).
Octavio answer her questions.

Arietta (in spotlight) stands facing the audience and sings (This is the Aria) with sincerity and passion.

Ariatu hurries onto the stage and sings (Only Love). Everyone happily joins in to conclude the opera.

Premiere: March 27, 2010, Frost School of Music, University of Miami.

Dennis Kam