Dennis Kam

Miami Mix (II)

2003   |   c. 10 min

For chamber orchestra

Miami Mix (II) for Chamber Orchestra (2003)

Miami Mix (II) was commissioned by the Cleveland Chamber Symphony and premiered on September 22, 2003 in Drinko Recital Hall at Cleveland State University with Susan Davenny Wyner conducting.

Miami Mix (II) is an amalgamation of of musical materials that have been explored in several of my previous works during the last twenty years. Harmonic elements are derived from a trilogy of piano pieces: The Epistemology of Delicate Time in Blue Three (1982), Paradigm Green (1993), and Vermillion Parts (1985). Many other of my works have been generated from each of these pieces individually but Miami Mix (II) is the first attempt to mix elements from all three works into one piece.


Dennis Kam